About Driven


Driven supports a number of charities, and encourages all its clients and business partners to support and make donations to the following charities:

The Jessica Mathers Trust : The Jessica Mathers Trust, known as the JMT, was set up in memory of Jessica Mathers, who died as a result of a road traffic accident on 2nd March 2007 aged just 13. Jessica’s mum and dad, Jannet and Stephen, were determined that Jessica’s attitude of living to the full and getting the most out of her life would live on. This determination has made Jessica’s family work tirelessly since Jessica’s death on the Jessica’s Heart Project.

Jessica’s Heart is a building in South East London which houses the charity the Compassionate Friends. The Compassionate Friends is a charitable organisation of bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents dedicated to the support and care of other bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents who have suffered the death of a child/children.

Police Family Liaison Officers now carry the details of the charity so that when families are given the awful news, they have somewhere to go and people to talk to who have been in the same position and understand what they are going through.

In order to make a donation to the Jessica Mathers Trust, please click on the following link: http://thejmt.co.uk/